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Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Kenai

30 Years of Experience in Car Accident and Wrongful Death Lawsuits Across Alaska

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Unfortunately, dangerous driving conditions and roads in Alaska often lead to car accidents that require a personal injury attorney. In Alaska, we are required to drive on icy and dangerous roads regularly. Sadly, car accidents resulting in serious injury or death occur all too frequently on the Kenai Peninsula and surrounding areas.


Accidents are often caused by one driver making a bad decision or not paying proper attention. This is negligence! Failing to recognize road conditions, drinking and driving as well as distracted driving (such as texting while driving) are examples of negligence that cause accidents, catastrophic injury, and death. When these accidents happen, a personal injury attorney is needed to help the victim or their family recover.​​

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As personal injury attorneys, we can help at Gilman Law, LLC. In Alaska, negligence is also a frequent cause of airplane crashes, boating accidents, ATV, and snowmachine wrecks. A serious injury, because of a dangerous condition on another person’s property, can also be the result of negligence. This is often referred to as “slip and fall” or “premises liability,” and can result from ice, broken handrails, poor lighting, or many other direct and indirect causes for which property owners are responsible. Other types of premises liability accidents include animal attacks, negligent security, explosions and fires, and construction accidents. Businesses typically owe you a higher duty of care to ensure you are safe on their property or traveling in their vehicles. If you have been in an accident and are suffering from pain, you should speak to an accident attorney as soon as you can.

When your future is at stake because of an accident or injury, contact a personal injury attorney at Gilman Law, LLC. 

If you have been in an accident and suffered serious injury because of someone else, you need injury lawyers with experience in litigating accidents and serious personal injury. The attorneys at Gilman Law, LLC are personal injury lawyers with over 30 years of experience in automobile accidents, premises liability, airplane crashes, boating accidents, and other negligence resulting in serious injury to our clients.


If someone was negligent and caused you serious injury, a personal injury attorney from Gilman Law, LLC can help you recover for property damage, the past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and distress you've suffered. We offer professional services on a contingency fee basis. This means that you owe no fees to your accident injury attorneys unless we win your case. 

personal injury attorney kenai ak gilman and pevehouse law

Many accidents involve insurance claims. There may be many different types of insurance coverage that apply. This can get complicated, especially in commercial trucking accidents, crashes with company vehicles, and wrecks involving many parties. Gilman Law, LLC has extensive experience working these types of cases, interpreting the fine print of insurance policies, and convincing insurance companies to pay claims.

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