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A will helps to ensure that final wishes are carried out after death. Anyone can prepare a will using templates from the internet, but a legal professional can customize a will to your needs and provide security and peace of mind to you and your family.


Our attorneys at the law firm of Gilman & Pevehouse in Kenai know estate planning laws and tax code to make sure your beneficiaries will get what you want them to have.


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Why Do You Need a Will?

A will, also known as a last will and testament, states your final wishes. After your death, it is read by a local court, which makes sure that your final wishes are carried out. Most people use a will to leave instructions about what should happen to their finances, possessions and land after they die. A Last Will and Testament can also be used to:

  • Name an executor who makes decisions on behalf of the estate.

  • Name guardians for minor children and their property.

  • Decide how debts and taxes will be paid.

  • Tell how to distribute possessions and money to beneficiaries, whether they are people, charities or other institutions.

  • Provide for pets.

  • And much more.

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Wills aren't just for wealthy people who leave behind a lot of possessions and money. Anyone who has specific plans for any possessions and finances after death should have a Last Will and Testament.


A Living Will is somewhat different but, also recommended. A Living Will – or a Will to Live – is a specific type of Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy. This document lays out your wishes in case you become incapable of telling a doctor how to medically treat you, especially in cases of whether to continue life support.

Let the Professionals Prepare Your Will in Kenai

A Last Will and Testament or Living Will can be prepared by anyone, but the experienced legal professionals at Gilman & Pevehouse know the legalities and intricacies of Will Drafting and Estate Planning so that you can have peace of mind.

Let the attorneys at Gilman & Pevehouse in Kenai help prepare your will.

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