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Estate Planning and Trusts Attorneys

Attorneys in Kenai to Help Plan and Draft your Living Trust or Will

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Financial planning is complicated but, when it's time to set up your living trust, Gilman & Associates have decades of experience helping clients and their beneficiaries get the most out of their trusts.


Many people set up trusts for themselves, relatives, or friends as part of estate planning. This is a process that takes careful consideration and knowledge of laws to ensure the trust’s beneficiary receives the largest benefit possible.

Our trust attorneys are well versed in estate planning law and we will walk you through the process to make sure you understand every aspect of trusts.

What is a Trust?

A financial trust is very complicated, but to simplify: It is a way to gift or donate money from one person to another. There are tax incentives based on the type of trust that is set up. You often hear of a trust being made for children and other heirs. A trust can be used to take care of a certain property. Basically, you can set up a trust under certain conditions for a beneficiary, which can be a relative, institution or a piece of property.


Every trust has a trust manager or trustee who is responsible for managing the trust and seeing that the guidelines are carried out in the interest of the beneficiaries.​​​

living trusts attorney kenai ak gilman law

A living trust is created to hold ownership of an individual's assets during the person's lifetime for distribution after death. It is often used because it may allow assets to be passed to heirs without going through probate, though the beneficiaries will typically not avoid inheritance or estate taxes.

Leave Trust Planning to Gilman & Associates

It doesn't matter the type of trust you can be a complex and tedious process. Deciding which type of trust is best, setting it up properly, and making sure it is executed is better left to the trust attorneys at Gilman & Associates in Kenai AK.​

Let our team of Estate Planning and Trusts Attorneys in Kenai help in your estate planning.
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Gilman & Associates' estate planning and trusts practice serves all Kenai Peninsula communities, including
Kenai, Soldotna, Nikiski, Sterling, Homer, Seward, Anchor Point, and Ninilchik.

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