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Probate Attorneys in Kenai

Probate Attorneys Experienced in Estate Administration and Estate Litigation

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Gilman & Associates has experienced probate attorneys in Kenai AK who understand estate administration, intestacy, and probate laws. Many law firms and practitioners will not represent clients once a dispute arises and there becomes a need for estate litigation but, we offer comprehensive representation to our clients. When necessary, we will go to court and represent our client’s interests.

Experiencing emotional challenges following the death of a loved one is difficult. Likewise, trying to understand the legalities of inheritance and your loved one’s estate can cause unnecessary stress and conflict.

Many questions will arise. What property must go through probate? What if there is no will? Is the will valid and should I contest it? Who and what is the personal representative? Who gets what? Do I or does my family need an attorney? Gilman & Associates routinely helps clients address these issues and many others associated with estate administration, through informal probate and formal probate.

Intestate and Estate Probate Attorneys

If a person dies without having made a will or other declaration, he or she has an intestate estate. Even if a will has been made, but it only covers part of the estate, the remaining property is in a condition of intestacy. There may be a will contest if you or another interested party suspects the will is invalid for any one of many reasons. Regardless, this can result in an extremely complex estate and may require intimate knowledge of intestacy and probate laws to successfully administer and close out the estate. The attorneys at Gilman & Associates are well-versed in probate and intestacy laws and will represent you and the estate as needed.  

Estate Administration

Estate administration can be a long, intensive task and should be taken seriously by the estate’s personal representative and beneficiaries. Depending on circumstances, if may involve court appearances. It is difficult to grasp all the inheritance laws, especially while grieving for a loved one. Generally, estate administration involves the appointment of a personal representative, gathering all the assets of the estate, reviewing creditor claims and paying any debts where necessary, then distributing the remaining assets. This can be daunting, especially when the estate is large, there are multiple bank accounts, or real estate holdings. The attorneys at Gilman & Associates offer skilled, professional guidance on estate administration to personal representatives and other interested parties, no matter how large or small the estate.

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Estate Litigation in Probate Court

Many attorneys are happy to offer guidance on estate administration and go to court for intestate and probate administration issues when there is no conflict. However, fewer attorneys will litigate estate disputes in probate court when the need arises.  Unfortunately, conflict is common in probate and intestate cases as family members, beneficiaries, and creditors frequently fight over who gets what. Sometimes challenging the validity of a will, referred to as a will contest, is also necessary. Gilman & Associates represents the interests of personal representatives, heirs, beneficiaries, trustees, and other interested parties in all aspects of estate administration, including litigation. From simple estates to the most complex, we protect our clients’ interests.

Trust the experienced probate attorneys at Gilman & Associates for estate planning,
estate administration, and probate litigation in Kenai. Call us today at (907) 283-2600.

Gilman & Associates' estate planning practice serves all Kenai Peninsula communities, including Kenai,
Soldotna, Nikiski, Sterling, Homer, Seward, Anchor Point, and Ninilchik.

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